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 Challenges in African Healthcare System, how we are solving these challenges.

Challenges in African Healthcare System, how we are solving these challenges.

Technology is transforming how health care is delivered in Africa, giving more people in remote areas there and around the world access to better care. Likewise, easier access to data helps both doctors and policymakers make better-informed decisions about how to continue to improve the system.

Even with these strides, however, the continent’s health care system faces big challenges.

The health care professionals on the ground in Africa know the frustrations firsthand: counterfeit pharmaceuticals; shopping malls equipped with air-conditioning, while sweltering medical clinics limp along without it; much-needed medical equipment such as MRI machines getting caught up in the gridlock of international customs and local politics.

Crown Healthcare

Africa has faced some of the worst pandemics in history like Ebola and Zika and is now fighting Coronavirus while confronting an increased demand beyond the treatment of AIDS, malaria, and other communicable diseases to address the noncommunicable ones such as hypertension, which are growing as the middle class increases.

From Research, access is still the greatest challenge to health care delivery in Africa. Fewer than 50% of Africans have access to modern health facilities. Many African countries spend less than 10% of their GDP on health care. Also, there is a shortage of trained health care professionals from Africa because many of them prefer to live and work in places like the U.S. and Europe.

Another major challenge is corruption. Corruption diverts much-needed resources away from health care delivery and reduces patient access to services.

We have seen emergence of private investors and players coming into the market to deliver world class care; however, it is difficult for a common man to access care in such facilities due to high cost of acquisition of equipment and high-end instruments as investors need to get their ROI in due time unlike advanced countries where tertiary institutions are well funded by the government.

To this end, crown healthcare Nigeria has partnered with world class equipment manufacturers (Mindray for IVD and Patient Monitors, Fujifilm and Sonoscape for Radiology, Karl-Storz for Endoscopy) to offer affordable and easy payment plan for acquisition of high-end instruments.

With branches in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, Crown Healthcare – C.H.M.S is positioned to work with private investors in bringing affordable world class care to Africa.

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